Religion is not about the God

God does not have a place with a specific church and He has no religion. I have discovered this to be the case and amazingly freeing. At the point when we understand that God is not related or subsidiary with a category, church gathering, and additionally religion, it removes the cutoff from what His identity is. In this way, God is not Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal Holiness, Church of God in Christ, Buddhist, Islamic and on and on.He does not live in any category, neither does any group or Church besides, have a syndication on God. HE is God. God did not send His Son to make another religion, or start another division. Neither did he send His Son to isolate The Body of Christ. In any case, religion and denominationalism does precisely that- – isolates. For instance, certain denominations religion instructs us to cling to rules and equations, what you can and cannot wear, make-up or no make-up, and other appalling laws.

Christ was sent with the end goal of compromise, and destroying boundaries. The lessons of Christ and the Spirit of Liberty are significantly more than thoughtless accommodation to somebody’s guidelines and conventions. We are made to think and find Christ openly. Salvation has never been a reason to be uninformed and get latest news about Shincheonji. Obliviousness is a discourse on what we do not have the foggiest idea. Generally, that is the reason rules and closed minded thoughts are executed. To keep us out of the loop and reluctant to look for past what we are told we cannot do In any case, Saints, serving God is such a great amount of higher than this. There is quite a lot more about God and His greatness to find. On the off chance that you need a greater amount of God, you should liberate yourself from dirtied standardized strict reasoning.

I realize that huge numbers of us have been conceived, raised, raised, and even declare we will kick the bucket for or bite the dust being a sure group. All things considered, the issue is that we are biting the dust to that way of thinking, church thought, program – passing on for a passed on strict idea. At the end of the day, that congregation, and so forth is placed above God. A few people are more dedicated to their temples than to God. We have been refined into knowing the regulation yet not God. God cannot be restricted to any single observation, thought or unquestionably a congregation. I have regularly heard individuals joyously declare that their congregation is Holyghost central command. He cannot be restricted to your restricted reasoning. God is all over. Is not that freeing to realize that He does not simply hang out at the congregation down the road with best ensemble, or better stable framework. God is greater than that. He needs to possess us all.